Strike with an escort

Of course I don’t mean your first sexual experience. If you are a virgin there is a lot of information and videos on the Internet about how to have sex for the first time. The issue at hand this time is what to do and how to behave in your first time with an escort.

What to do if you’ve never met an escort before? How to schedule an appointment with an escort? More importantly, how to behave so that the date with an escort is not a total failure?

I want to talk to you about all this, so be sure to take note so you can have the best experience with an escort.

What to do at the first time with an escort?

It all starts of course, selecting the best escort agency. Once you have decided on the escort you like most, the best way to contact her is through a text message or a WhatsApp message.

This gives the escort the ability to verify your number on the blacklists before agreeing to be your escort. You may also be busy and cannot answer the phone when you call.

But if you are not ready to receive a message at any time, it is better to make a call and then of course send an SMS message. The important thing is to let the escort know that you are interested in her services in a friendly and respectful way.

Send an SMS message what to write?

First of all you should always be courteous, greet her and introduce yourself briefly. Next, describe your preferences about the time of the meeting. If the escort provides you with a list of all her services, then let her know what you are interested in.

You can also find the services of each escort on the official website of the escort agency. In any case you can start your text message by writing something like this:

Hi, Diana! My name is Christopher, I’m 42 years old, I’m from Seville but I currently live in Barcelona. Is it possible to have an appointment with you tonight around 8 pm for 2 hours?

If for any reason you have a commitment that cannot be postponed after making the appointment, let the escort know as soon as possible. Keep in mind that in the escort business, time is literally money, so respect that situation.

In case you have made the reservation in advance, you will probably be asked to confirm the appointment as the date approaches.

The first encounter with an escort

Make sure you arrive just in time and if you arrive early, send a message to your escort to ask if she can arrive before the appointment. If you don’t find an answer, you just have to wait patiently.

In the first encounter with an escort you must behave in a warm and formal way. In case you have not made the payment in advance, it is the first thing you should do when knowing your escort.

Now, if in any way the escort you chose differs from the photos that appear on your profile, or if someone else is at the meeting place, just leave. You will be in your right, it is even recommended.

If all is well, it is a good idea to take a shower or at least wash your hands. Then tell your escort if she has any preferences or prohibited areas of her body. Then just relax and enjoy the moment.

The farewell

The escort will tell you when the meeting time is over. When that happens, take a shower and say goodbye politely. If your service has fully satisfied you, it is a good gesture to go to the website of the escort agency and write a positive review on the girl’s profile.

Do not be afraid to ask all your questions about the rates and the type of service offered by the escorts. Believe it or not, they are totally willing to satisfy your fantasies, as long as they are part of their services.

While some only offer a natural French service, others offer a full natural French service. There are escorts who can play the role of submissives, others even use erotic toys.

In other words, you can find the escort that meets all your needs and experience sex like never before.