Currently, most gentlemen prefer to hire an agency escort. The reasons are very varied, but most prefer it for security, quality of service, privacy, and certification of the escorts.

Below we give you a series of reasons and tips for hiring a luxury escort in Barcelona through escort agency:


The positions in sex are an entertainment that sometimes we can not do with our partners.

There are women who only practice classic or conventional postures with their husbands; for this reason, when it comes to wanting to try the most daring postures and completely disinhibiting expanding fields within your sexuality; we recommend you choose one of our escorts.

She will please you and enjoy with you the experience of expanding horizons with bedding full of passion and eroticism.

She will instruct you in the best postures of the Kamasutra; such as the missionary, the spoon, the puppy, the seesaw, the lateral samba, or one or the ascension to lust, among others.

You make sure the service

On many occasions, our clients have told us about the unpleasant experience of contacting an independent escort directly for an appointment, and that it will not be presented to the hotel.

This may be due to several reasons:

●  The escort has closed at the same time a longer service or economically more favorable to her.

●  An unexpected thing happened to her.

●  Simply by informality.

Through an escort agency such as Ruta69, if an unforeseen event occurs with one of our escorts, we immediately notify the client and try to offer another escort with the features and characteristics of the previous one. Our clients will never be without service.

Trust the suggestions of an agency

From Ruta69 we have extensive experience in meeting the needs of our customers. Therefore, we are able to make all kinds of suggestions that influence in helping to make your appointment a success. Let us advise for our team and just worry about enjoying a special meeting.

Possibility of making a trio

The trio is one of the fantasies that many men have always wanted to try or enjoy. Having a wide catalog of escorts in Barcelona, we can close a service with 2 companions who want to make a trio of the most satisfactory for our customers.

In this way, surely will fulfill one of his most hidden fantasies in privacy. Here are several reasons or tips to make a trio:

●  It provides a new window open to sex.

●  It serves to gain self-confidence.

●  It creates a unique morbid.

●  Triple the experience: with one, with another, or between them 2.

●  You can discover the facet of bisexuality

●  If you do it with your partner and an escort, you can discover new boundaries that stimulate your own relationship.

●  It creates a higher and longer level of excitement

●  Participate with 2. Do not leave one aside. Thus the involvement and interaction

among the 3 will be much higher.

●  Deal the desire. You can have sex with one while kissing or caressing the other

●  Add erotic toys. The possibilities become infinite !!

Confidentiality assured

Our high-class escort will not have your private phone at any time to safeguard your privacy.

On the contrary, an independent escort will have your telephone, and this can produce uncomfortable situations in the private life of the client, at the same time that their data can not be treated with security.

The data of our clients are treated with the utmost confidentiality. This is one of Ruta69’s greatest guarantees to our partners.

Once the service is done, you will never receive a call from our escort agency in Barcelona. At the same time, your phone number will not be saved in our calendar.

Discreet apartment

By contracting an experience with our agency, Ruta 69 will put at your disposal a private and discreet apartment for meetings exclusively with our ladies.

This will not entail an additional cost. It is an extra that we offer for the convenience of our select clientele. Whenever available, our apartment will be exclusive for you and your companion, with no option to meet anyone at the entrance or exit.

Manage a trip

Another of our occupations is to manage trips on demand. If you want to make a weekend outing or have an escort for a business trip, we will take care of the travel management and match the agenda with the luxury companion you want.

With this, you will have the certainty and assurance that our escort will attend the indicated appointment. You just have to worry about enjoying your romantic getaway with her.

Fantasy services

Another advantage of working with a luxury escort agency are the extra services that can be requested:

● Sex in a limousine: Can you imagine going to pick up a limousine for your hotel with an elegantly dressed girl to enjoy a romantic evening in a restaurant ?. And the possibility of having intimate relationships in the same walking through the streets of Barcelona without anyone can see through tinted mirrors, but you can see the

outside ?. After booking, we will take care of fulfilling your fantasy by taking the

limousine with your female to the collection point.

●  Local of exchange: Another fantasy very demanded is to go with an escort to a local

swingers or exchange as if it were his own partner; we will recommend the ideal

place to perform this liberal practice so demanded today.

●  Shuuutttt: it’s secret, call us and we’ll suggest fantasies you can carry out in


Girlfriend experience

GFE is a service that only certain girls perform, through which it has a behavior as if it were his girlfriend or wife. It can be done during an evening, a trip, or a business meeting.

In a GFE appointment, the man does not just look for sex or an intimate encounter. Also take place the caresses, kisses, affective attitude, or seduction. All this in a natural way, produces a special and different desire.

Route 69 escorts will tell you which of our ladies perform this type of attitude in meetings. Surely this will create a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a total experience.

Once we have shown you some of the basic tips for which it is more beneficial to hire an escort service through an agency, we just need to inform you of some of the aspects or qualities that make us different:

The reputation of an agency is achieved with time and good work. Our team has been working in the sector for more than 10 years and has earned a charisma throughout this journey.

In addition, we select personally and with special zeal each of the girls in our portfolio. In this way we can offer real and certified profiles by ourselves. All the photos on our website are 100% authentic.

Our distinguished ladies will only find them on our website. They are lovely girls, wanting to spend a pleasant time in male company and please him to the fullest.

For these reasons, we are sure that hiring an escort through an agency will be a unique and unforgettable experience, which will repeat itself. We wait for you.