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Company on leisure or business trips

In case you are planning a business or pleasure trip, we recommend you choose an Escort for trips in Barcelona. Imagine arriving tired to your hotel room after a long day of meetings and conferences and finding a beautiful escort waiting for you to move to another world where only passion and morbidness have a place. An escort for business trips is the best idea to make your days more bearable. She will be available to your fantasies all the time that your business trip lasts and will make you more pleasant, both through her company, her good conversation, and sexual services.

If your trip is about pleasure, you can also ask a luxury escort to accompany you. Leisure trips in general include parties, drinks, music and a good atmosphere, so the company of an escort will be a necessary and very satisfying incentive to make your trip unforgettable.

We have the best offers and the best girls, so that your experience is perfect and at an adequate price, just tell us your budget and we will find you the escort that suits the rate.

Meetings in hotel, home or our private suites

Other very popular options for meeting an escort are hotels, rooms by the hour, at your home or in the private suites of each agency. In the case of the hotel or the room by the hour, the escort will travel to the meeting point once you have agreed with the agency on the escort of your choice, the service you are looking for, the time and place. In the case of home delivery, it follows the same pattern. Consult us for travel and taxi costs and, please, do not forget to inform us of the payment method, whether it will be in cash or card; in the case of the latter, see the conditions.

However, from Route 69 Escorts we encourage you to try our private suites, decorated to the maximum luxury, equipped with everything you need to make your encounter with the escort highly satisfying, and also discreet and private. You will only meet the receptionist and the Escort of your choice, unless you ask for a “presentation” of all the escorts available at the time.

Parties, events and acts

In a few days you have an event and you need to be accompanied, but you don’t know with whom? Do you need to show the world your best face, and that also includes that of your companion? In Route 69 Escorts we offer you the best solution for this: an escort for parties and events.

The luxury escorts that collaborate with our agency are mainly girls for companion services, this means that they are totally valid for company services and they have a highly trained art of knowing how to be. Throughout the duration of the act or event, the escort of your choice will put on the best face, she will know how to behave, listen and laugh at the appropriate moment. She will be polite and accommodating to both you and the public around you, so you don’t have to be afraid of something going wrong.

Also, since our escorts are women who take great care of themselves and always look spectacular, you will have everyone envying you for their company, what more could you ask for?

If you need the companion to speak other languages ​​besides Spanish, don’t hesitate to let us know; we have luxury escorts who master several languages ​​such as English, Catalan, German, Italian, French, Portuguese… You will shine socially with the perfect and cultured girl who will be up to the act and your company.

You also have the option to participate in our exclusive and themed parties that we organize on time. Become a VIP client (Link) to be part of exceptional parties and orgies where only a few can access.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

As in the previous case, if you need an escort for a company dinner or company lunch, you are in the right place.

Sometimes protocols urge bringing a companion to dinner, or you just want to do it on your own, but the main problem lies in selecting the right candidate for the moment.

A luxury escort that offers escort services is the ideal person. Her splendid physique, plus her good manners and her ability to be liked by people, being kind and friendly are perfect for this type of occasion, where you have to show the best version of yourself.

At no time will she do anything to embarrass you, on the contrary! Since she will be prepared in advance for the day, the situation will flow as agreed and we assure you that you will obtain very satisfactory results in your company dinner or romantic dinner.

They are simple companion girls, who know how to dress appropriately for each occasion and who will not disappoint you. In fact, if you feel more comfortable and want to ensure the success with the girl’s style, let us know how you want her to dress and we will personally ensure that she comes properly dressed. 

The choice of clothing is both for specific events and for an erotic fantasy.

Nights or whole days

This option is one of the most popular and most requested. It may be that a few hours are not enough to enjoy with the escort of your choice, so we recommend the option of choosing an entire night or a whole day with your luxury escort in Barcelona. In this case, the escort will accompany you and offer her services for the duration of the night or day: the start and end times will be agreed with the receptionist, so there is no room for confusion.

In this period of time, you can ask your luxury escort to have sex whenever you want, in the postures and in the places you want.

It’s the ideal choice to take it easy: maybe have a drink together, at first, to break the ice and create the connection and chemistry, and then later when there is some confidence, take action. You can distribute the time as you prefer to suit your needs and your comfort. Lust and wild partying will be the basis of the crazy night, or for the calmest ones, a romantic night with an escort, after a good and interesting dinner followed by an erotic massage, before she delicately explores your whole body with caresses and licks…

Are you going to miss it? Contact us to choose the escort for a night or a whole day!

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