Our high level escorts, clearly experts in pin shapes and sizes, know them better than anyone and today they have agreed to tell some of their most precious secrets.

“Each one is a world” and “about tastes there is nothing written”. What are the types of penis that exist and how are they strange, according to their shape, to women?

The girls from our escort agency in Barcelona say that there is an unsuspected variety of shapes and sizes of virile members, and that each of them like a different pleasure in bed

Next, we describe four types of male members. Identify the theme and discover how women in general and luxury escorts in particular like it. Know what gives them greater visual pleasure and which gives them more sexual pleasure.

What types of penises are there?

It is very interesting to be able to recognize what type of penis you have so that, together with your partner or your luxury companion, we can find the sexual positions that can best be given to both.

There is an innumerable variety of measures and forms: short, medium, long, thicker or finer, with moles and without moles, with and without freckles, curves downwards, to the right and to the left, and also there are totally straight .

However, within these numbers four well differentiated categories:

Mushroom penis

It is the member that has the glans more prominent than the trunk and base. If you look at it well, it has the same shape as a mushroom.

It is one of the most practical for our company girls. It is also ideal for vaginal massages.

According to what our companions tell us, it has as a disadvantage that it costs more that they are not well lubricated, but that they are easily solved by proving their professionalism in all aspects.

Curved penis

It is quite common to find penises that, when they are in the erection, bend naturally downwards, to the left or to the right.

If the curvature is more important to have more in mind for penetration, so that people help you choose the best positions. They are also possible.

Yes, what the girls in the company tells us is a curved penis to estimate the G-spot much more easily than any other type of penis.

Banana type penis

This is one of the most classic. The banana is the widest trunk and the narrowest point. It is with which the companions enjoy more, since there is no damage in the penetration while producing a more intense pleasure.

This type of member allows easy and deep penetration regardless of posture because it adapts to any type of vagina. It is the ideal for anal penetration.

Pencil type penis

As you may have guessed, the pencil has a completely straight shape. It has the same thickness in the glans as in the trunk.

It is one of the most manageable and stimulates the entire vagina equally. It is preferred by our high level escorts because it allows them to enjoy anal sex more.

Do you have this type of penis? Do not hesitate to try anal sex. Any woman enjoyed it enormously because it will not cause her any harm.

The truth is that, in addition to these varieties, there are circumcised phalluses and those that are uncircumcised. In the circumcised, the skin that covers the glans has been eliminated so it can be more sensitive than the rest and therefore provide more pleasure to the couple.

Now that you know the most common kinds of existing male members; can you tell us what kind of penis you have? Leave us your answer in the comments! We will love to know more about you.