What is an escort or company girl? … Did you know that…?

An escort or company girl, often known as a call girl, is basically a companion who is paid financially for attending social events, parties, meetings, outings to another city, etc. This hiring of an escort may or may not include having sex, although in most cases, people who hire an escort look especially for the feeling of superiority that provides them to be accompanied by a woman who is not only beautiful, but intelligent and with a high level of studies, as well as an excellent presence.

The escorts generally work in a escort agency or escort agency, which means that it is a perfectly legal and established service. In reference to sexual services, the escort acts basically as a sex worker who does not perform this work in the public eye, because she does not do her job in a permanent place like a brothel and does not perform prostitution in the streets.

While it is true that many times the escorts are hired to have sex, often the escorts play the role of brides of their clients at dinners, weddings or important social events. Therefore, although sexual relations have a very important role in the work of escorts, not all people who hire their services do so because of sex.

In many cases they simply do it by fulfilling a social commitment, such as attending a party. It is also a fact that many of these companions are specialists in fetishes such as domination and do not require sex. Therefore, there are those who simply hire the services of an escort simply to enjoy their company, the company of an attractive woman.

The escort agencies try to define if this is what a client wants and if so, then the agency will do everything possible to send the escorts of the highest quality. In the social environment, instead of sex, the client often seeks to impress his companions by appearing at events accompanied by a beautiful girl, even pretending that it is a new girlfriend or his wife.

That is, a client can attend a meeting of the institute with his former colleagues or a social event in the office. In any case, clients looking for this type of service will tell the agencies what their requirements and needs are, as well as their intentions. Basically what they do is specify the type of woman they want for that particular role.

The client can then arrange an appointment with the escort to determine their level of intelligence, their education, as well as their manners, their ease of engaging in conversations and of course their ability to simulate.

It should be mentioned that a escort service or escorts, is not exclusive only to ordinary people, also celebrities and millionaires often hire this type of service. They do it with the aim

of avoiding things like that the girl can sell the story to the press or that she definitely does not want to accept the separation as a consequence of the social status.

Both the celebrity and the companion, understand and agree their respective positions, so they simply do not go beyond what they have agreed. Even some of these celebrities are more open in the events to mention who is your appointment, although the most common is that the escorts request them in advance not disclose anything about it.

Generally, people who hire an escort for the first time determine if a second, longer appointment will be necessary. The appearance of the escort, as well as her level of sociability, her manners and her education, are also aspects that are taken into account when making the choice.

It must be said that for some clients with a lot of money, these appointments with escorts become agreements that last for a long time. Of course, most of the escort agencies work through the Internet, so they have their web pages specially designed to offer this kind of services.

Thanks to this, people interested in hiring an escort, can do so quickly and without any problem from the comfort of your home at any time of the day. In these escorts websites, you can find the photos of each of the available companions, as well as a detailed description of the services and a contact form that specifies the type of service you want to hire.