Escorts an impossible love

Certainly, the heart can not be dominated, but then, is it valid to fall in love with an escort? Is it something that is allowed? The reality is that it is a very complex issue that can have several edges and be viewed from different perspectives.

Let’s first talk a little about the services offered by an escort, as this will allow us to have a clearer idea about whether or not to fall in love with an escort.

What are the functions of an escort?

First of all, most escorts can provide you with special sexual services. These include:

• Duplex or real threesome


• Erotic massages

• Natural French

• Striptease

• Erotic shower

• Facial

•Passionate kisses

Others, on the contrary, charge for their time, that is, they act as companions. You can hire them to accompany you to a concert, a business dinner or any show.

In all cases they are usually extremely beautiful, intelligent, educated and also very discreet women. Both in one and another case, absolute respect is demanded since these are professional escort services.

What happens when you fall in love with an escort?

Looking at it from the perspective of the escort, when she realizes that one of her clients, begins to experience feelings beyond what was agreed, she senses almost immediately that her meetings could end very soon.

For an escort and in general for any girl, when a man falls in love with a woman, he does not want to share her with others. Even if he understands that it is logically one more job, his primitive instinct to “own” will eventually dominate him.

Sooner or later, jealousy, doubts and suspicions will appear that will eventually begin to overwhelm his mind. It is then that he will begin to demand much more attention from her person, assuming that he deserves special conditions for the simple fact of wanting to see the escort more often.

And if it is the escort who falls in love with you?

Now, when an escort falls in love, what happens is that she begins to experience a feeling of disgust at the touch of other clients. While doing her job, her only thought is in the man she is in love with.

She counts the seconds and when the time is up, she will have the opportunity to call her crush. Consequently, she loses all sense of professionalism, which is reflected in the fact that customers leave dissatisfied.

With the passage of time and while the escort continues with her work and dating the client she fell in love with, she will begin to think that he might be using her. She will conclude that he really does and she will blame herself for allowing something like this to happen.

Keep in mind that escorts are accustomed to having a certain freedom as to where to go, when to work, when to leave, etc. Additionally money does not represent a problem.

But if she decides to formalize the relationship and leaves this job, then all those freedoms disappear.

An impossible fairy tale?

Imagine for a moment that the fairy tale comes true. That true love ends up triumphing and that both end together. He provides financial stability and independence, they get married and after some time they have a couple of children.

But then, as happens in many marriages, they begin to argue and one of those discussions ends up out of control. The man will undoubtedly end up mentioning her past as an escort to try to damage her the deepest.

At the very least, he will try to blackmail her by telling the children the truth. For many escorts this may not be a problem, since they are not ashamed of their work. However, for others, perhaps what they do they think is not well seen, they even fear that their relatives will find out.

Consequently, this knowledge will always be something that men can hardly overcome. Therefore, the conclusion is that a romantic relationship with an escort is not the best idea, both for the client and for the escort herself.

Of course there are exceptions and we do not doubt that there are cases in which both manage to overcome all these obstacles. The truth is that escorts have as a rule not to fall in love with their clients and only limit themselves to offering their services with the greatest professionalism, seriousness and discretion.