Come and meet the most exciting erotic toys at Ruta’69

If you want to add a spicy touch full of passion to your sex, erotic toys will be the perfect complement.

Without a doubt, sex toys will help you to light up every sexual encounter with your escort in Barcelona to the limit. You can use them to embroider the preliminaries and achieve ecstasy in the later stages of sex.

They are complements that will allow you to discover pleasures that would be forbidden if you do not know them. It is possible that with your partner you are ashamed to use them, so that in some environments it is still a taboo subject, but we assure you that our escorts love them.

They are silent and small lovers who delight in any intimate relationship, since they cause great pleasure both physically and mentally to both members of the couple. There is a wide variety of erotic toys and therefore, there are for all tastes.

You can even use them alone; They will help you in the task of creating unlimited fantasies.

Next, we will tell you what our company girls have told us about which ones are the most exciting.

Can you come with us?

The vibrator: the erotic toy par excellence

It’s about the king of secret lovers. How many people do you know who admit to having one at home? Usually no one (or almost no one) comments, but most couples have acquired one at some time in their lives.

It is a sexual object that excites both women and men to unimaginable limits.
Some of our escorts have confessed to us that it is very difficult for them to use one and not reach orgasm immediately. This surprising level of stimulation is one of the reasons why it is a highly appreciated object.

You can find many types of vibrators, although one of the most sought after is the so-called “bunny”. It is a type of dildo that penetrates while stimulating the clitoris. This produces a maximum pleasure for the duplication of sensations.

There is another type of vibrator that acts remotely. It is ideal for the most daring, since its intensity level can be controlled remotely. That is, you can activate it with your escort being both at the cinema or in a restaurant and make her touch the sky with your hands placed on the remote control.

Don’t you find it an extremely exciting game to see how one of our girls reaches orgasm while you watch her?

Vibrating ring: a different penetration

It is one of the least known, do you know how they are used and what effects they cause?

The ring is placed on the trunk of the penis and if you use a condom you have to put it on it. It is an extremely stimulating object for penetration, with which both sexes will enjoy differently than usual, since the rings stimulate the vagina of her while prolonging his ejaculation.

Our escorts affirm that they have a lot of fun with this toy, although in confidence they tell us that their partner’s pubic hair prevents them from enjoying it to the fullest. So, if you want our advice, shave it before having an encounter with one of our girls

The lubricant: the most wanted

Due to its possibilities of moistening sex and at the same time, adding flavor to cunnilingus or fellatio, the lubricant is one of the most common erotic toys in our society.

We advise you to find one and use it with one of our girls. They love them and use them, in addition, to masturbate before penetration and thus achieve an intense orgasm.

The Chinese balls: a permanent stimulus

They are small balls that the girls place inside their vagina and that, due to their small size, would seem harmless. However, it is an ideal object to see how your escort goes on slowly.

The movement of the small balls that are inside the Chinese balls, make the walls of the vagina stimulate increasing the stimulation of the clitoris by vibratory effect.

It will be an unparalleled experience to see how your girl gets excited without anyone but you, perceives it.

And you, what erotic toy would you share with your luxury escort?