Women with curves or without …

Women are considered the most beautiful creatures on earth, because nature has become so knew that it made them very tender and quite seductive at the same time.

It has been affirmed that women possess such power over men that they can change them in a radical way and fall into temptation.

Women are seductive by nature, they are seduction in conjunction with beauty and if we talk about the aspect of sex, they turn out to be something irresistible to man.

The woman’s body is a weapon in terms of seduction and eroticism, somehow the feminine curves turn out to be very provocative for the man and are a reason for desire.

The woman’s physique is considered a physical art, it turns out to be very beautiful and perfect even when you are gaining weight.

For a long time and it is currently considered that the body that the woman possesses can be classified into two types; those that are voluptuous and those that are thin.

  • When we talk about voluptuous women we do not mean women who are overweight, women who are voluptuous have the big difference of having more pronounced curves, that is, they have very notable legs and buttocks and have a small waist that makes them have many curves
  • Women of thin complexion have a beautiful body and beautiful curves, but these are thinner and less noticeable than those of voluptuous women and their buttocks and legs are not so noticeable, however, this does not make them less attractive.

Voluptuous women

When we refer to a voluptuous woman in the sexual aspect, we refer to something that satisfies the senses and that can produce intense pleasure during the sexual act.

Although women who are voluptuous are those who have pronounced hips and notorious attributes, this does not mean that they must be very exaggerated in the physical, since they can have very noticeable curves without the need to resort to surgeries or aesthetic arrangements .

These curves look better if they are achieved with exercise.

When we talk about a voluptuous woman, we don’t necessarily talk about having to gain weight, because even if it might be the case, being voluptuous does not mean that the woman should be gaining weight, on the contrary, she tells us that The woman possesses a dazzling physique not being over her weight.

Thin women

Women who are of thin complexion have their own charm and their own style of seduction, because the fact that they are thin does not mean that they do not enjoy curves, on the contrary, if they enjoy them but not in the same way as voluptuous women

While the curves of thin women do get noticed, they tend to be thinner and more delicate compared to voluptuous women.

Women who are thin have their own advantages and weapons of seduction against voluptuous women, because there are clothes that feel better without falling into vulgarity and the fact that they have thinner curves does not make them less attractive, on the contrary, they are to be the favorite of many men, everything depends on the taste of each person.

Which of the two women feels more pleasure?

It is difficult to guarantee with which of the two types of women you can feel more, because each of them has its own advantages and charms in bed, but what we can tell you is which of the two is the favorite of the majority and why.

The woman that men prefer more are the voluptuous ones, because for the great majority of them it is very exciting that the woman has pronounced and remarkable buttocks and legs.

Voluptuous women turn out to be more seductive and more provocative, in addition, the fact that they enjoy more curves helps the man feel more excited and more easily reach orgasm.

Remember that a voluptuous woman is not synonymous with a woman with surgeries or excessively notable attributes, the voluptuous woman is one who has remarkable curves and attributes.