Escorts in Barcelona

This time we want to talk to you about the best places to meet an escort in Barcelona. That is, you do not have to worry about finding the most suitable place for your romantic date.

Here at Route 69 Escorts we provide you with the best options in terms of suites, apartments and hotels. In this way you just have to focus on enjoying the moment and making all those fantasies you have always wanted come true.

Places to meet an escort in Barcelona

Obviously when you hire an escort as a luxury companion, you have the opportunity to spend a romantic evening. But beyond taking her to dinner at a restaurant, it is best to find yourself in a room included at no cost.

Room in Dating Floors

If you want to experience maximum pleasure and relaxation, this is the ideal meeting place to enjoy with a luxury escort. The Dating Floors has multiple rooms that have a tantra style and are located very close to the Rocaford Metro, in Barcelona.

In addition, all room expenses are included in the rate, so it is undoubtedly an excellent option to enjoy all the services of an escort.

Apartments and hotel service

Another of the best places to meet with an escort are precisely the apartments in Barcelona. These apartments are located in the center of the city and are decorated so that you can spend an unforgettable moment.

Obviously all these apartments are discreet and private, so the only people who can enjoy them are you and the escort you have hired. In addition all the rooms are modern and fully equipped and you can get them from 35€.

You can also enjoy hourly rooms as well as suites that include Jacuzzi. Not only that, if you are passing through the city and you are already staying at your hotel, you can book an escort to go directly to your hotel room.

What can you do in an encounter with an escort?

Each of the luxury escorts in Barcelona offers you a wide range of services designed to satisfy all your desires and fantasies. What you can do in an encounter with an escort will depend on what you previously agree with the escort you choose.

Here we describe some of the fantasies that you can make true during an encounter with an escort:


The escort becomes a masochistic mistress and can please you with this fantasy of being dominated by a woman. Obviously the escort is an expert in the art of dominating and controlling each of the sexual aspects of men.

Of course everything is done from the respect and what has been previously agreed.


This is another of the fantasies that you can make true in your encounter with an escort. It consists of immobilizing the body through the use of ropes, tapes, or handcuffs. Following are sexual practices that provide you with the pleasure that you have never experienced before.

Erotic showers

Many of the escorts in Barcelona also please you by entering the shower with you to caress yourself and perform sexual games. All this can be done as a preamble to what will come later.


And if what you are looking for is a sexual encounter with two beautiful escorts, this service is undoubtedly for you. It consists of two escorts that will provide sexual pleasure by penetrating one, while the other performs oral sex.

Even if you decide to, you can request that both of you perform a double blow job. Of course, to make this fantasy come true you must hire two escorts that offer this type of service.


And if you have a particular fetish that you want to make come true, escorts in Barcelona can make it happen. There is no limit to your imagination, as long as the escort agrees to put it into practice.

Whether you have a fetish for a certain type of lingerie, or are excited to caress your feet, even some kind of sexual position, a luxury escort can please you to experience true sexual pleasure.

Erotic toys

Finally, if you want to give a little more variety to the sexual relationship with the escort of your choice, you can also request that erotic toys be used. Either you use them on the escort, or you ask that the toys use them on you.

You can use from vibrators, rings, even the famous Chinese balls. There are also other more sophisticated sex toys that include a remote control and that allow you to control the intensity of the pleasure you provide or receive.