If you like to travel frequently, but are tired of doing it alone. What do you think if you hire a luxury escort to travel with you? While you think about it a bit, we share with you the ​10 most romantic places to travel with an escort.

What are the most romantic places to travel with an escort?

All of these are excellent ​romantic destinations for traveling with a high-class escort​. We can practically guarantee that you will have an incredible time with an impressive woman, intelligent, fun and willing to make you feel like the luckiest man in the world.

1. Bora Bora – French Polynesia

Certainly, it is one of the most romantic places to travel with an escort​. Its landscapes

are simply unreal, starting of course with the brilliant blue and green tones of the water.

Imagine a night of passion and sex without commitment, in one of the charming bungalows on the water. You can also spend the whole day enjoying the beautiful white sand beaches, and even do different water activities.

2. Big Sur – California

It is one of the ​most popular tourist destinations in the United States​. It is located in a sparsely populated region of California, on one of the most impressive coasts in the world. It is basically a romantic walk in which on one side you have mountains, and on the other rocky cliffs.

There is also a beautiful beach area, and of course you can’t miss the spectacular 218m long Bixby Creek Bridge. Additionally, both can enjoy different natural parks such as Carmel River State Beach, where I include there is a bird sanctuary.

3. Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria

And if you want to surprise your escort with a romantic and unforgettable trip​, what better than to know the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, in Germany. It is one of the few places in the world that seems to come out of a fairy tale.

Both you and your high-class companion will be impressed by its impressive towers, turrets and frescoes. Also, if you travel in the winter time, you will find a castle covered in snow, contrasting with the green color of the trees.

4. Maldives – Indian Ocean

It is a subtropical country made up of 26 atolls, similar to rings, where more than a thousand coral islands are found. Thanks to this, Maldives is known as one of the most romantic archipelagos in the world.

There are countless soft sand beaches, stunning views of the ocean, as well as unimaginable marine life. The crystal blue sea is something that simply cannot be missed.

5. Kyoto – Japan

It is another of ​the best romantic destinations to travel with an escort. The landscapes here are also amazing and incredibly colorful. An example of this is the Kyoto Botanical Gardens, which is an ideal place to walk with your companion, especially during spring.

During this time, you may both be able to enjoy a romantic boat ride on the Okazaki Canal.

6. Cinque Terre – Italy

Tucked between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, Cinque Terre is a paradise for all couples. The region’s rocky trails along with panoramic views will leave you breathless.

Also, being in Italy you will be able to enjoy the exquisite gastronomy, the wine, and of course the colorful houses on the mountains facing the sea.

7. Padar Island – Indonesia

This is an ideal place for nature-loving adventurers. It can be an excellent destination to travel with an escort and have an exciting experience. Here you will find beautiful black and white sand beaches.

In addition, this place is not very crowded by many tourists since it is located in a remote area. This makes it a perfect romantic destination for your adventurous spirit and your escort’s desires to explore.

8. The Isle of Skye – Scotland

It is also another very romantic place to travel with an escort​. It offers spectacular views of the mountains and the coast. During the day they can walk through the Quiraing area, or even visit Durvegan Castle.

As evening falls, you will witness some of the most spectacular sunsets. Without a doubt it is something that you will not want to see alone, what better than to do it in the company of a beautiful and funny woman.

9. Ubud – Bali

In this place art, gastronomy, nature and creativity are combined. Altogether it becomes an ideal place for romantic evenings. In addition, they can make your trip more memorable, visiting the hanging gardens of Bali, in the heart of the jungle.

In addition they can know the many temples distributed in the region, as well as enjoy the culture and the traditional ones of Bali.

10. Bruges – Belgium

We finish this tour of ​the 10 most romantic places to travel with an escort​, with Bruges, in Belgium. It is a medieval city that makes all its visitors fall in love with its charming squares, cobbled streets and picturesque canals.

There is no doubt that you and your high-class escort will have an incredible time touring every corner of the city.