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fiestas privadas con escorts

In Ruta 69 escorts we organize the most exclusive private parties in Barcelona.

Can you imagine a party organized with the highest luxury, whether in a private place where only those you want have access, a villa, a chalet, a boat or even a limousine? Our agency will be responsible for carrying out everything you need to enjoy a fabulous party, full of ecstasy and sensuality.

We offer you not only the place with the best decoration, but also the most exclusive company. Our Escorts are the most partying and fun young ladies in all of Barcelona, ​​capable of creating the best atmosphere and making you spend an unforgettable time. Then, of course, you can end your appointment with one or more of them, in a more private way, either at home, in a Hotel or in the apartment that the agency itself can make available to you.

We organize any type of party with a closed budget, according to your preferences and fantasies… or you can join the list of the various exclusive parties that Route 69 Escorts organizes eventually, and thus enjoy a spectacular setting, with the best drink and the best luxury companions. You just have to sign up as a Vip client and enjoy!

We assure you an unforgettable experience, where delight, pleasure, fun and endless positive emotions will prevail.

 escorts para despedidas de soltero

If you want your bachelor party or that of your friend to be spectacular and unique, taken from the movies, contact our agency so that we can organize the best party you can imagine.

We will specify the right place, with the best setting and the best music, with a DJ who will know how to adapt to your tastes. Our escorts are also qualified streapers who can make you a show that will leave you speechless, while you enjoy a couple of drinks and talks with others. Some of our escorts are specialists in making you heart attack erotic dances: ask us which ones and we will put the best at your disposal!

The games will be guaranteed, we are specialists in animating a party in a special way and we will give you an example of our successful erotic games: “Confirm your sexuality

What does it consist of? Imagine one of the beautiful and busty escorts sitting on a chair, hands tied up and blindfolded. Both boys and girls will gradually start playing with her: lick nipples, kisses, caresses… everything has to be exciting and delicate, since it is really about the girl guessing if it is a woman or a man. And whoever she enjoys the most, that is, the one who wins the game, will win a super and exciting prize from the girls. Be careful, there is a “but”! If one of the girls wins, then they will punish all the boys for their disability… There are many possible options!

And, after the party… Surprise! Our Escorts can accompany you to a Hotel, room for hours or the apartment that the agency can put at your fingertips, to end the party with the best flavor. All this, within the pack that we will propose to you. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can organize the best farewell you can imagine.

And to excel they will be able to accompany you to dinner, to have a drink, to dance… Everything you can imagine to have the most fun on the last or best wild night of your lives!

alquiler de barcos de lujo barcelona

As a good agency that organizes events, we also offer you the succulent option that most attracts foodies and those who are looking for an experience of the highest level: a party on the high seas.

Enjoy the elegance, glamor and luxury that we offer you: a party on a yacht or boat is an innovative experience, where you will be accompanied by the best champagne, the best scenery, sea breezes and beautiful escorts ready to fulfill your fantasies. What more could you ask for?

You can ask us for anything you want: from the boat or catamaran rental, the music, decoration, food and drink to your liking, and, of course, the most elegant ladies to enjoy her company during the contracted hours. They will bring you good conversation, laughter and good humor.

On a boat the options are endless: you can sit and observe the landscape with a glass of wine, practice nudism, sunbathe or even have relations with one of our 

Escorts outdoor. A high-level party only for the most demanding palates awaits you at Route 69 Escorts.

A glamorous and luxurious way to enjoy Barcelona, ​​have fun with friends and with one or more VIP Escorts is by renting a limousine or luxury cars in Barcelona, ​​including a Discobus, also called Partybus, which you can contract with us.

Route 69 Escorts agency will take care of all the necessary processes for you to not think about them. The limousine or car reservation of your choice, which we will show you in the catalog of possibilities. We will also put at your disposal an educated and experienced driver and the company of luxury escorts, several or one in particular, according to your preferences. You will have the full experience. The cars, obviously, will be high-end and exclusive vehicles on the market: Ferrari, Porsche, BMW… Or the one you propose to us! We know that tastes can be very diverse.

What are the options for the limo or luxury car? You can visit all the emblematic streets of Barcelona, ​​attracting the attention of all passers-by and other cars, enjoying drinks, music, fun and the best company, or simply go to the place where the scheduled event or party will take place, which our agency can also take care of. Check out our sections for organizing private parties, or VIP reservations at famous nightclubs in Barcelona to learn more.

Easily become the most envied host in Barcelona thanks to all the comforts we can offer you and forget about the concerns that these efforts entail.

Contact us so that we can provide you with more detailed information on how the reservation process is carried out.

Have you ever dreamed of sitting in the VIP of a famous nightclub, on comfortable sofas, a table with a varied drink for all tastes, the best music and the best girls accompanying your evening, alone or with your group of friends?

In Route 69 Escorts we also offer you this perfect option for those looking for a crazy and wild night!

The Discos of Barcelona are the places where youth and young adults frequent the most, but the VIP of a disco is a space reserved only for your pleasure and comfort. You will have at your disposal bottles of the drinks you prefer, your friends can attend, and, at the same time, an Escort from our agency to turn your night into a perfect party.

Contact our agency and live the most fascinating luxury experience in one of the best clubs in Barcelona.

A dinner is a very romantic and elegant prelude to start your romantic and intimate encounter with one of our Escorts, it will make your date flow more naturally. Or in case you are an important businessman in Barcelona and need a companion to surprise at a business dinner and you want to show off a young, friendly, educated, cultured and elegant girl next to you and help you close that important deal… You just have to contact our agency and we will prepare your special dinner in a luxury restaurant.

Now sitting face to face with a cultured, elegant and sexy woman with exquisite food dishes and soft background music is very easy. We just need you to tell us your preferences and tastes, and the rest will be carried out by us. We will reserve you a place and a company according to what you have always dreamed of so that your evening turns out simply perfect.

Our Escorts have very sophisticated manners: they are educated women, who speak several languages ​​and good manners that will be at your height and at the height of the chosen restaurant. With them, you can chat about all the current topics, since they are modern and innovative and they will know how to follow the thread of the conversation casually.

Contact us to make your dinner an exclusive, luxurious and elegant experience at disproportionate levels.

servicios de acompañamiento

The accompaniment service is one of the services that our most requested Escorts offer. Our ladies are experts in their know-how, their manners and their discretion.

You can attend a play accompanied by one of them, or a very important work event where you need to go with company, or that dream trip, with the perfect woman by your side… Whatever your destination is, Route 69 Escorts offers you the best cast of Escorts in Barcelona.

They will bring the freshness and good humor necessary in any type of accompaniment service: with them, talks, jokes, topics of interest and good energy will be the order of the day. They will be like the ideal and perfect bride: in addition, as you can see from their photos, they are exceptionally beautiful and stylish ladies, perfect to be exhibited before the most demanding audiences. 

Route 69 Escorts wants your outings to become unforgettable moments. Ask us for the girl you want to accompany you, and we take care of the rest.

sexy guia barcelona

Sexy Guide made in Ruta 69

In Route 69 Escorts we also have a unique service in Barcelona for those who want to know the city from another perspective. This is our Sexy Guide, a most attractive, sexy, uninhibited and intelligent lady with cultural knowledge about Barcelona, ​​who will accompany you if you wish to the most beautiful and interesting tourist spots in our beloved city.

Museums, theaters or the most exquisite, peculiar, romantic, charming and fashionable places in the city; restaurants, music bars, discos and clubs. She will be the most suitable to show you what Barcelona is like in its most fun facet.

However, if you are a fan of architecture, she will also guide you to know the most renowned tourist buildings of this ancient city and will provide you with the historical and cultural information you need to know, since most of our Escorts are native to Barcelona and they know their city and love it.

Contact our agency to put at your disposal an ardent guide, perfectly suitable, who will teach you Barcelona with all his enthusiasm and touch of fun!

servicios para parejas

Route 69 Escorts is a multifaceted agency, therefore, it is not only responsible for covering your most carnal appetites and desires, but is also interested in the emotional and most intimate, to offer you a dating platform created especially for you, so you can meet that better half that you have been waiting for all your life and with whom you can form the ideal couple.

Our agency wants to put at your disposal the option that you can have totally safe and discreet encounters with beautiful and educated women who are not necessarily dedicated to the field of Escorts. We will comply with your requests in detail and if one of them is that they be women who do not dedicate themselves to being an Escort and have never done so, do not doubt that we will comply: we will search among students, workers, businesswomen… the type of woman suitable for you. 

Among all the most attractive women there may be, our agency will find the one who is most in harmony with you, due to their way of being, their priorities, their character, education, culture… We know that not only the physical is important!

Who can know a woman better than an escort agency? Her personality, her sexual tastes, her interests. We will help you find the perfect partner, preventing you from going through troubles and uncomfortable situations!

We will advise you at all times: from the moment you come so that we can help you in your search for the ideal partner, schedule activities and fun appointments, so that you get to know each other better. Leave Route 69 Escorts your future. We will organize the ideal environment for your meeting and we will take care of every detail so that everything turns out perfect.

In the end, you will have found the love you so longed for thanks to our professional advisors and all the effort put in by them.

Get in touch with us to achieve your dreams, or to inform you in more detail of our process to follow, we will be happy to assist you for whatever reason!


“I made an appointment with a luxury escort from Ruta 69 and the experience was totally satisfactory. The head of the agency assured me that the girl selected would be the one I saw in the photos and that’s how it was. I will repeat.”


“The operator gives a kind and attentive service. He organized a perfect evening with a lovely escort, and all with the strictest confidentiality. A TOP experience !!! that will not be the last”


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