Urban Legends and other hoaxes about sex life

If you ask any man how much they know about sex, most of them will probably tell you that they are experts in the subject. But the reality is that even adult men who have had sex for many years, may have a misconception of what a good sexual relationship is.

They carry this wrong information with them, in every sexual relationship or encounter. Therefore, here are some myths about sex that can ruin your sex life and that you should keep in mind so as not to fall into them.

Common myths about sex

1. Everyone has a lot of sex, except you

One of the most common myths about sex implies that to have a perfect sex life, you must have a lot of sex. The truth is that not everyone has as much sex as is believed. Sex is an individual choice, something that is yours and nobody else’s.

If you have a partner, then it is a choice that only you and your partner can decide. Consequently, it doesn’t matter if you have sex once or several times a week.

The important point is not the number of times you have sex, but how well you do it when that happens. This is in fact one of the keys to having a more than pleasant sex life.

2. Good sex requires that your partner have an orgasm

Contrary to popular belief, not all women have orgasms by penetration. The thing is that when you become obsessed with the idea that to have a good sex, your partner must have an orgasm, you run the risk of ruining your sex life.

In other words, when you equate impressive sex with orgasms, you spoil the whole experience for yourself and your partner. Even when you worry too much about causing an orgasm in your partner, you can begin to suffer from anxiety.

As a result you always end up thinking about orgasm and do not focus on the moment of the sexual act. And for you to keep in mind, anxiety and erectile dysfunction go hand in hand.

What you should keep in mind is that sex should be pleasant and intimate, even fun. Focus on the here and now, calculate how you feel before taking the next step and do not rush immediately to get orgasm.

Do not assume that giving your partner an orgasm based on penetration is the only way to have a good sex, since this is not always the case. In fact, there are other ways to get your partner to reach orgasm, many of which do not involve sexual intercourse.

The previous games, for example, are great as they help you eliminate the pressure, not to mention that they encourage creativity and give you the excitement necessary for when you finally reach the sexual act.

3. A long-term sexual relationship is boring

Many people define long-term sexual intercourse as monotonous and boring, with couples in bed with the lights off and sheets up to the neck. This is another myth about sex that is not good for your relationship.

It is important to keep in mind that what can be boring for some, can represent stability and routine for others. The good news is that if you find yourself stuck in a conventional sex and don’t feel inspired, there are ways to give more passion to the relationship.

You can, for example, play sex games with your partner to ignite the spark, while adding some variety. You always have the option of erotic movies and sex toys for adults.

The important thing in any case is to be creative and think beyond traditional sex. The reality is that conventional sex doesn’t have to be boring. However, if you keep thinking that way you will end up affecting your relationship.

In conclusion

No doubt there are many myths about sex that are not real and even if you think you know everything, there are always new things you can learn. If you allow sexual rumors and myths to dominate the way you have sex, you will fail flatly.

The best thing you can do is keep your mind open and give input to what you and your partner consider appropriate to fully enjoy sex.