Submission; Your wishes come true

One of the best ways to improve your sex life, even having the best orgasms, is to make your fantasies come true. And in this sense one of the most recurrent sexual fantasies is to have control of each aspect in the sexual act, that is, to be the “master” or the dominant person.

With an escort service you can make this fantasy come true since many escorts are willing to play the role of “submissive” and please you in all your wishes. Keep reading and discover how to make your fantasy come true with a submissive escort.

Submissive escort – the sexual fantasy of every man

First of all and very important, your sexual fantasy with a submissive escort will be limited to the things that you have previously agreed with her. Consequently, before meeting the escort you must tell her all the things you want her to do during her meeting.

If the escort does not agree on some of those things, you must respect her decision and perform the fantasy only with the aspects agreed between them. Keep in mind that the escorts are professional and intelligent women, at all times you must respect them.

Clarified the above, it is also convenient to understand the role of a submissive escort from the erotic and sexual point of view. Being submissive means that the escort will voluntarily give you control over her person so that you satisfy your sexual desires, depending on what is clear, as previously agreed.

The dominant and the submissive

You can decide that your encounter with the submissive escort be in a hotel or even at your home. Whatever the case, you will have the opportunity to realize your fantasy of dominating a woman.

As a dominant man, you could order your submissive escort to give you a full body erotic massage. You could also make her dress in a sexy and provocative outfit, even to perform oral sex in unusual positions.

In her role as a submissive, the escort must obey all your instructions and do everything you ask her to do. (The type of things that have been previously agreed). The escort will not be able to do anything on her own without your permission: she will talk when you tell her to talk, she will look at you when you tell her to look at you.

Many men, for example, are too excited for women to wear a particular type of lingerie. The type of lingerie that most women feel sorry or uncomfortable to use. In your dominant role you can make your submissive escort dress in the most provocative and sensual lingerie that exists.

If both agree, you can punish your submissive escort with whipping, either by hand, with a belt, even a whip. Another thing you can do during your sexual fantasy with a submissive escort is to put tweezers on her nipples and not even allow her to reach orgasm. (If she has an orgasm without your permission, she will be punished.)

Your submissive escort will do what you ask

You can also make your submissive escort perform certain tasks during her sexual encounter. You can ask him to clean the floor with his hands and knees or even prepare you food.

And depending on how intense you want your fantasy to be, you can set certain rules for the escort to do those tasks. For example, you can have your submissive escort do the cleaning or cook you while being completely naked or wearing a special outfit.

And what if you made your submissive escort go out with you wearing between her panties or thong, a vibrator that you could control from a distance. You would have total control over your sexual pleasure, decide at what time to stimulate your clitoris to cause explosive orgasms without anyone suspecting anything.

Do you dare to stay with a submissive escort?

Of course all we have mentioned here are just ideas and fantasies that you can make come true, as long as the escort you choose agrees. In any case, experiencing the pleasure of mastering and ordering is not out of your reach.

There are escorts who are willing to play this submissive role and satisfy your lowest desires. You just have to ask for this service and define the limits.