Introducing sex toys into your couple relationship aims to increase connection and pleasure. These types of accessories are sexual enhancements that add value to the mutual experience.

Sex toys in your relationship

If you’ve never used sex toys before, the prospect can be intimidating to say the least. You may be concerned about offending your partner, or you may not like the idea.

Whatever the reason, below we share a series of recommendations on how to address this issue with your partner.

Sex toys are normal

The first thing you should know is that proposing to your partner to use sex toys is completely normal and does not represent a big problem. In other words, it is totally normal to want to experiment with someone you trust, even if such a toy is necessary to achieve orgasm.

The important thing in any case is not to amplify the conversation and at the same time not to worry. You must not forget that this is something that you are asking your partner to do exactly for you.

It means that it is a mutual benefit, that both of you will enjoy.

There is no perfect time

There really is no better or worse time to introduce sex toys to your relationship. There is also no prescribed number of times you should have had sex with your partner before incorporating sex toys.

In many cases couples start using sex toys almost immediately. In other cases it may take longer, it may even be the case that you never have that desire.

Also keep in mind that aspects such as menopause, or taking antidepressants. It can reduce libido and make it difficult to orgasm, so this may be the first time you are considering introducing the sex toy to the relationship.

Communication is key

Like anal sex, watching porn together, or having sex on the phone, communication is essential when touching on these issues. Therefore, before trying something new, you and your partner should talk about it.

If you are not comfortable talking about this outside the room, then you are not prepared to try that inside the room. In case you feel nervous about it, practice your sentences in advance.

For example, you can tell your partner “what do you think if we try this erotic toy together”. The key is to frame the conversation around the couple’s pleasure and communicate it in a way that does not feel like something taxing.

Your partner may also be interested in sharing their questions, their thoughts, even their concerns if they have any.

You must be specific with the details

There are a wide variety of sex toys on the market. Therefore, at some point you will have to be specific. That is, you should talk in detail about what really excites you and you want to try.

This is important to discuss in advance, since while you fantasize about a very long dildo. Your partner may be thinking of an anal dildo. In other words, addressing the topic of sex toys in couples will allow you to talk about all the different types of toys.

Buy online or in physical stores?

Buying sex toys online or in a physical store are both excellent options. In the end the choice is reduced to the personality and degree of comfort of each person.

For one thing, going to a physical sex toy store is beneficial in many ways. Employees are trained to answer all your questions. This makes it easier to find the right sex toy.

It is also easier to check the characteristics of erotic toys. That is, its texture, materials, level of vibration, pressing buttons and comparing with other sex toys. For its part, buying online gives you the advantage that you can do it without leaving home.

It is a much more comfortable option for people who are shy or indecisive. Additionally you can access online sex toy stores and look at the comments of other buyers.

In this way you will have a better understanding of the sex toy that you are interested in buying. However, you should be aware that a person’s experience with that sex toy may not be exactly the same experience for you.