Barcelona Luxury Escorts

If you have doubts about how to choose the best luxury escort in Barcelona, ​​don’t worry. Here we will give you our recommendations and tips for choosing a high-class escort.

Obviously at Route 69 Escorts only the most beautiful and sculptural escorts are available. Therefore, whatever your choice, we guarantee your absolute satisfaction in all aspects.

Tips for choosing the best luxury escort in Barcelona

Certainly what characterizes a luxury escort the most is her physical appearance. Her beauty, her exquisite body, but also her personality and of course the services she offers. Consequently, when choosing a luxury escort in Barcelona, ​​start by visiting the Barcelona Escorts section.

Discover their personality and preferences

If you want to choose the best escort in Barcelona it is essential that you make sure to consult her description. In this section you will find all the information you need to know regarding her physical characteristics, as well as her personality.

It is a good way to know the traits that each of the escorts stands out the most. In most cases you can find that they describe themselves as daring and sensual women.

They also give you little details of what you can expect during your encounter with a luxury escort. All of them are intelligent, educated women who have the ability to have a conversation on any subject.

Physical appearance is important

Physical appearance is important, especially if you are looking for a high-class escort as a companion. That is, if you want to surprise your partners at a business meeting, you will certainly want to make sure you are accompanied by a very beautiful escort.

This however can be a problem since all the escorts in Route 69 Escorts are really beautiful, so their physical appearance will leave you breathless. Then it all comes down to your preferences.

I mean, do you prefer a tall escort with blonde hair? A brown-haired escort with colored eyes? You may even have a preference for escorts from certain countries. If that is the case, you can currently find Brazilian, Catalan, Czech, Colombian, Venezuelan, even Arab escorts.

Do you have a fetish?

Sexual fetishes with an escort is one of the most pleasant fantasies. Therefore, if you have a particular fetish, ideally, you should choose an escort who is willing to please you.

Don’t be afraid to ask, as all the escorts are open-minded to the most exciting sexual fantasies, and fetishes are no exception.

So if you have a fetish with sex toys, or you are excited by submission, there are a lot of escorts in Barcelona who can satisfy all your fetishes.

What do you have in mind?

Possibly you are thinking of taking a weekend off and you want to spend it next to a high-class escort. Most of our escorts love to travel, so all of them will be willing to travel with you wherever you take them.

It may also be that you are passing through the city and want to relax with the company and pleasures of a beautiful escort. If this is your case, you can simply opt for a service in which the escort arrives directly at your hotel room.

Even if you are looking for a much more relaxing experience, many of the escorts are specialists in erotic massages. In fact you can choose between a tantric massage, a Thai massage, a sensory masaje, or a body to body massage.

Sexual services

We come to the point that every man longs from a luxury escort, her sexual services. Obviously this is also related to what you want to do in your encounter with an escort in Barcelona.

Beyond that all the escorts are beautiful and have turned bodies, it is important that you choose an escort that pleases your sexual preferences. For this it is essential that you consult the description page of each of the available escorts.

There you will find all the information related to the services offered by each of them. For example, some of them offer a couples service. That is, if you want an encounter with an escort in which your partner participates, you can get it.

Some of the most demanded sexual services include, natural french, sexual fantasies, erotic shower, sado mistress, anal sex, duplex and golden shower.


To finish, this is a very important aspect when choosing a luxury escort in Barcelona. You must make sure that the different types of travel that the escorts can do, match your possibilities and schedules.

Currently the displacements made by the escorts include: Departures to hotels, Departures to homes, Departures to apartments by hour, and Agency departures.