Glossary of Escorts Ruta 69

Through this article we will make a catalog of the most common words and expressions that you can find within the world of luxury escort agencies called the glossary of escorts; which deal with disciplines or topics on which we describe and explain their meanings.

This glossary Ruta 69 Escorts Barcelona is aimed at all those new customers who find it difficult to understand the meaning of words or jargon because of the fact of starting in this type of escort services.

In addition, it will serve as a guide or information on the disciplines that each of our luxury escorts perform in a personalized way and you can request them without hesitation.

Domina (sado)

A dominant sado mistress is a woman who is an expert in training and sexually controlling another person to subdue her, always based on rationality and respect.

Attention to couples

In the case that you are a liberal and open-minded couple, the best way to broaden horizons in sexual relationships is to include a third person to get out of the intimate routine as a couple. What better than this to strengthen your couple bonds and open a door to new experiences and sensations with a lot of morbid that without a doubt will be a new starting point to enjoy sex in a different way.

Passionate kisses

The word says everything and has few nuances. If in addition to practicing sex you want to enjoy passionate kisses with one of our escorts as if she was your own partner, the escorts of our agency that have marked this modality in their file will be ready to do it with you.


The bondage is an erotic variant that is based on immobilizing the body of a person or subject. This immobilization can be done with ties using bandages, ribbons, handcuffs, ropes or any other element, partial or total.


Service offered by Ruta69escorts for those clients who wish to share an evening in the form of dinner in a restaurant with a luxury companion. The escorts that do not have this service marked on their card are those who wish to preserve their privacy in public.

Liberal club

A liberal club is a place where sexual exchanges between couples with the same philosophy are practiced: Experimenting. Some of them have a common area where you can have a drink, and the famous dark rooms where you can share an orgy or just become a voyeur. You can go to them with your partner or with one of our escorts.


All those clients who prefer that a lady of company travels to their private home with maximum discretion and preserving their anonymity, may do so as long as their form is offered in their file.

Erotic shower

Showering with one of our beautiful furtive lovers is an unique opportunity to enjoy stimulating caresses in the intimate parts while the water slips, wet kisses, or a suggestive different sexual relationship. Have not you tried it yet? Join a relaxing, erotic, and different experience.


Very often confused with the word ‘trio’ as it does not stop being, but with the point that in this case is the sexual practice involving two women and one man.

Examples of duplexes may be the action of penetrating a woman and at the same time performing oral sex on another; or a double fellatio performed by two women at the same time to a man.

To request and perform this practice with 2 of our escorts, you will first have to visit their cards and verify that they practice both this modality.


Facial French is a sexual service that consists of performing a fellatio without a condom by sucking the male member with a final ejaculation by spreading the semen over the face or mouth of the other person.


There are many possible fantasies to develop with one of our escorts: costume game, masks, masks, role play, fine lingerie, exhibitionism, voucherism, age difference, and anything that comes to mind. You dare?


Fetishism is the erotic excitement in paraphilic mode to achieve an orgasm through a particular fetish object or part of the body.

Natural French

We refer to natural French oral sex exercised by a woman towards a man without a condom, which allows to obtain a series of pleasurable sensations by the contact of the lips, saliva, and tongue.

Full natural French

It consists of carrying out a French without a condom until the final ejaculation of the man, which in some cases can be done in the body of the escort.


It is the abbreviation of ‘girlfriend experience’ which, as the word in English indicates, means a wedding experience. In this case, our company girl will behave during the appointment or trip with you as if she were your own girlfriend or partner; offering a better interaction than with any other escort that does not offer this service.

Can you imagine enjoying a weekend outing with a beautiful high-class escort and the eyes of others look like your real partner?


It is the word in the form of jargon used to perform the practice of anal sex, which consists in introducing the penis in the anus of the woman. This one produces a very pleasant and different anal orgasm for men and also for some women through their G-spot.

Some of our luxury escorts make this morbid and demanded service available to our clients at an extra cost.


This is a service offered to all those customers who want a beautiful company girl to go to the hotel where they stay. The departures to hotel offer all the guarantees for a private meeting with total discretion.


Like the Língam for the man, the Yoni is the massage of the intimate parts of the woman reaching the female orgasm, in the field of erotic massages. This is done with hot oil.

Erotic toys

Through toys we can give free rein to increase the pleasure of intercourse or good preliminaries. From a dildo, to some Chinese balls; going through mirrors, lubricants, or vibrators. Have fun while playing with one of our company girls.


It is the definition of the sexual act performed between two women. This is one of the services most demanded by men because of the complexity of performing it in their daily lives. Every man has to live at least this experience once in his life. Are you ready for this? Give yourself this whim with Ruta 69 Escorts !!


Word used in the field of erotic or tantric massages that means the massage of the male virile member until reaching the termination with an ejaculation made by hand.

Golden shower

It is the sexual act that involves urinating on top of the couple, producing an exciting sensation of release and pleasure at the same time. Ideal to do it in the shower or bathtub, or with a waterproof cover.


It is a very sensual dance accompanied by music through which the woman gradually sheds her clothes until she is completely naked. At the same time, she slowly seduces the man, which causes him to reach a state of ecstasy or warming prior to the sexual act.


Unlike the dominant person, the submissive is the person who likes to be subjugated or who abides by subordination the authority of the dominant subject. If you like to make the submission, choose one of our beautiful escorts that have this option marked on their cards.


Traveling with a high-class escort is one of the best pleasures you can access. For a double reason: enjoy a tourist trip to visit the monuments of European cities; or the pleasure of doing it with a luxury companion willing not only to enjoy the trip but also to please your sexual desires in the hotel once the day of tourism. Are you alone without a partner but do you want to treat yourself to an escorted trip? Some of our companions can make your wish come true.