Escort Martina Barcelona interview

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to one of our latest additions through this interview with Martina Escort in Barcelona.

We will talk in depth with this young catalan escort so you can know their intimacies, hobbies, and concerns.

Today, October 29, we meet with Martina at a tapas bar in the center of Barcelona to have a snack before eating and to get to know this blonde who comes to the event with a casual and very jovial look and a smile imbued with his face.

Good afternoon Martina, you come very natural, with an urban look.

Hi, how are you? Yes, on a day to day I like to dress comfortably, with my jeans and slippers. A part, I come from the gym, I will not come cute to death hahaha. In the afternoons I already transformed and I put on my heels.

They tell me that you are a university student. How do you combine gym, university, and work?

Eyyy, I’m a 21st century girl. I can with everything, I just have to organize myself. On weekdays, in the morning I go to the gym early and then directly to the University. In the afternoons and evenings I am free to work, although if I get a job in the morning I do not say no.

That is, you take a Ditch Day at University…

Yes, but although this is not very good, I am a very applied student (smile).

You have childish appearance. Do you consider yourself a Teen Escort in Barcelona?

It’s not that I consider myself, I am (laughs). I have a very girlish nature, and my small body makes any man with me to have the fantasy of doing it with a young girl. And I give rise to it, I like it; because I love the role of schoolgirl and the game of giving a mature man what he wants from an innocent girl.

I like that men have the fantasy of doing it with a Teen like me

Do you consider yourself an innocent girl?

I am innocent, natural, and fanciful. Which does not mean I am silly … I’m blonde but not stupid, and I have my goals; for this reason I am making my future by studying. What I do make clear to you is that in my furtive encounters with men I transmit naturalness and emotion in my dealings and in sex. But I still have a lot to learn in this last, I like the emotion of the moment and the fun and passionate sex; I always learn new things in each relationship.

I love fun and passionate sex

What grade do you put for yourself in the bed?

An 11 (mischievous smile)

You love yourself very much, do not you? …

No, seriously, I do not say it but my ex-partners or men with whom I have shared a bed. I

have always been told that I am very good in bed. Although relationship after relationship I’m learning things. There is always someone who teaches you something new.

I am very good in bed

Do you like to take the initiative?

It depends on the person and the moment. And also of the state of mind. I prefer it to be a thing of 2. Each relationship is an open book, you do not know how it will start and how it will end… and since there are 1000 variants, I prefer to let myself be carried away for the moment.

Do you have a stuffed animal in your room?

Not only in my room !! I already told you that I am very young. I love watching a movie on a Saturday night on the sofa with my teddy bear, especially in winter.

What would I have to do to conquer you?

Share sofa with sweets watching a movie, that you like nature, sports, and above all you have a lot of sense of humor!

the sense of humor in a man conquers me

What if I invite you to a weekend cabin in the mountains with fire in a fireplace and blanket?

I would love you! (smile from ear to ear). Then you would have me surrendered at your feet.

Where do you prefer to do it, up or down?

Up, down, and in any other way you can imagine. It only takes imagination and a good bed.

You told me that you like sports. Do you practice any type of diet?

Do not think I take care of myself … before I told you I love sweets. But during the week, if I try to eat healthy: vegetables, chicken, lots of salad … And the weekend has already made me a little mad. But beware, I love to eat and if you invite me to an appointment in a restaurant I will enjoy eating everything. Then I’ll burn it in the gym (laughs).

How long have you been working as a luxury escort?

Relatively little, it does not even reach two years. And I take it easy, I’m not one of those who want services at all costs and every day, far from it. I prefer to have furtive relationships from

time to time and quality; so I can put everything on my part and give myself completely in each meeting.

I like to have sporadic and quality relations

I assume you’re in this to afford the degree…

Yes, welcome to the difficult life of studying, living outside the lap of your parents, and being independent. I could look for an afternoon job but in the exam period it is almost unfeasible. The work of luxury escort allows you to stay and study, which is my main goal right now. I want to get the race to the first one!

Finally, do you get an apartment?

No, I prefer to go to a hotel or an apartment for hours. First because I disconnect from my private life, in addition to living in a shared apartment. And secondly because it also has its magic, the fact of going on a blind date to a hotel, produces morbidity!!

Well Martina, I loved spending time with you between beer and tapas. I am sure that any man who makes an appointment with you and knows you, will be amazed by your physical appearance as well as your sympathy and naturalness. I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you, another straw? (laughs)