Today in our series of interviews with escorts in Barcelona we will give the opportunity to get to know better Luciana, a Brazilian escort informant located in the city with a stunning tanned body based on a gym, and a medical student.


Good morning Luciana, we know that you were working late last night and we thank you for allowing us to carry out this interview so early, and so learning a little more about you.

Hello, it does not matter that I worked last night, everyday I get up early to go to university; so I’m used to getting up early (smile).

Now that you mention it, we know that you are studying medicine at the University of Barcelona. An imposing looking girl, in addition to luxury escort, and student of one of the most difficult career. Very often socially this link is not attributed to your sector; Sometimes people seem to think that you do not to work, that you are the archetype of a trophy wife who lives in a bubble with a high purchasing power, and who does not get educated.

What do you have to say about this?

Well, nothing more further reality. I speak for me; I am a healthy person who does sport, I am studying a career for my future since this work is temporary. I have to train for when my body is not so beautiful (laughs) so I can make a good life. The work of escort of high standing is good for me to pay my studies, which are not cheap; to be able to pay the rent of an acceptable home, and why not… also enjoy a little of life.

And why the medical career?

In the first place I have always liked to help people. As a young girl I wanted to be a fireman (laughs), but soon I realized that one way to expand horizons and be able to work not only in my country but anywhere in the world, was to be a doctor. And here I am, in Barcelona.

What do you think of the city?

Bufff, amazing !!! A window open to the diversity of people and cultures. Very cosmopolitan I love it, besides that it has a beach; and for a Brazilian like me that is fundamental!

You speak Spanish perfectly

Of course, four years ago I arrived in Barcelona, I have integrated and also studied a university degree taught in Spanish. Learning Spanish was my first challenge when I arrived in Spain.

In your profile you comment that you perform exquisite erotic massages …

Yes, do you want to try one? (Between laughter). That is a hobby that comes from afar. My mother was a masseuse and instructed me in the most basic techniques. Then I with my first boyfriend developed the erotic part of them … (laughter).

The truth is that apart from massaging with my hands, I love to make a very high tone massage with my breasts. Man that proves it, man who stays surrendered at my feet (spits a proud half smile).

But what I like the most is to slide with my body through the body of the other person, both impregnated with oil. It is a unique sensation, since the 2 bodies merge into one.

You have a voluptuous body, with curves, and I would say that you are very strong … intimidating!

I do not bite (laughs). Because of my physical appearance, you may think that I am distant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Appearances deceive, I’m not a woman to take arms; I am close and very passionate. Of course, my body is worked in the gym because I perform fitness. I do not have flaccidity and I am sure that any man will enjoy a lot touching my body and my skin, smooth and firm.

What do you ask a man?

Mainly to be attentive and close. But if you hurry me, take care of himself and play sports, and of course, put a lot of emphasis on his personal hygiene. Ahh, and if he likes to dance, he has already won me completely.

Do you like to masturbate?

No, because I like to have sex more and enjoy sharing, not me alone. Although in times of drought, of course I’m not stone and I masturbate like any man or woman.

We see among the services that you offer that you do not contemplate the lesbian …

Noooo… not at all, I only had a young girl’s lesbian experience when I experimented with sex and the truth is that I did not like it. I love internal vaginal orgasms, I enjoy a lot with them and a woman can not give it to me.

Well, you can always use a toy with it …

It is not the same at all. Feeling the hot male member inside of me is indescribable. You will not convince me (laughs).

What would you say to those men who see your profile and who are attracted to your figure?

To call (suggestive smile) and that not only can you enjoy the best sex, but also keep a fluent, cultured, and fun conversation with a good sense of humor.

Thank you very much Luciana, we wish you the best and we thank you for having attended these minutes in your busy schedule.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of a serious agency and with respectable people behind it.