Let’s get to know her better by staying with her for a coffee and introducing us through this interview a little more in its secrets and more hidden secrets.

Good afternoon Natalia, first of all, thank you very much for taking care of us and dedicating a little bit of your time.

Hello guys, I am at your entire disposal to let me know a little more, but just a little ehhh … that everything is not going to tell you (laughs)

Come on, let’s start strong. What is the best thing you have been told in bed?

Uooo, well, if you start at the top. Beware that I have already told you that I am a bad kitten …

I do not know if it is the best thing that they have told me, but at least it made me very funny. I was 5 minutes writhing because of laughter when it happened. He was an Andalusian gentleman traveling for business in Barcelona and he let me go:

‘Baby, you have to signal your body, because with those curves any day someone is killed’ (Laughter)

No wonder I told you, because if a physical quality betrays you are those endless curves that so much likes any man.

And the worst a man can do in bed?

Just focus on it. Hey, I want to enjoy too! (between laughs). I think it’s important in a relationship between escort and client that both participate and enjoy. But this in the end is unimportant; what really matters in a safe and intimate contact with hygiene, something very basic because if it never happens, the escort will be able to get involved as much as possible, or vice versa, of course.

Do you have an infallible trick to flirt?

I do not need tricks darling (laughs). The truth, although I do not want to be presumptuous, is that I do not need to flirt. The men approach me and I choose. Although if I have to say that with a simple look I already say everything, so this makes the situation much easier.

How or when did you decide to become an escort?

It really was very recently, a couple of years ago. A friend started working with a luxury escort agency and told me her experience. Then I decided to take the step, first because I am a person that I love meeting new people, and if they are also cultured and with high purchasing power, better than better.

It sounds a bit cold…

No love, I like the gift of people, meet people and share different experiences. But I consider myself a professional, and logically I charge for my services. But that does not mean that I do not put all the passion in each of my encounters and give me completely. I am an affable person, who likes preheating and the art of seduction, as well as passionate kisses and caresses. From minute 1 I am with a gentleman, I give myself completely, I give everything of me, and I try that the time that we spend together is unforgettable both for him and for myself.

What about oral sex?

I love it, disproportionately. I really enjoy giving oral pleasure to the other person, with their pauses and changes of rhythm. Seeing how the other person begs you not to finish is a great satisfaction.

One of your hobbies is traveling…

Yes, I love traveling and getting to know other cultures and countries. Likewise, speaking other languages. I master part of my mother tongue in English, Italian, and Catalan. And if I can do it together, better than better. From here I make a call to all the clients that like my profile and want to make a trip with me !! (laughs)

I see that you know how to sell very well. What would you do if todaywere the end of the world?

I would call all my family and friends to say goodbye to them and share the last few hours with a man with whom to empty and perform crazy things in bed that I have not yet tried.

Do you have many left to try?

Not so many (mischievous smile)

How do you get along with women?

Hummmmm, this question I’m afraid it has a double meaning (smiles). I do not care or like to perform lesbian, it really does not appeal to me. But that does not mean that you can not share a man in one bed with another, making a duplex. I am very competitive and I am sure that in the end the man would stay to finish the coitus with me.

Finally, Natalia, thank you for lending us this interview. When I saw you arrive walking to the terrace of this cafe, from afar I could perceive the elegance that you have. Seeing you arrive walking with these heels and the black dress that fits you like a glove.

You born with elegance or is it made?

We already finished? I felt it very short. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know better the clients of Ruta 69 escorts. We repeat when you want.

Regarding your question… honey, I think you born with that. I have not studied protocol classes or anything similar, but partly because of the education my parents gave me and partly because of my own way of being. I am flirtatious, I like dressing up, and if while I walk down the street with my heels I can see a man watching me or giving me a compliment, that’s what I take (laughs).