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Erotic Shower with an Escort

The erotic shower is a service in which the Escort, before proceeding to start the explicit sexual work or after it, offers her client a moment of relaxation and stimulation in the shower, where the connection between the two can already be formed with whispers, kisses, caresses and rubs.

Obviously, the individual shower comes into the service, both before and after the session, but an accompanied shower is a much more exciting and fun experience, don’t you think? Normally the erotic shower is also a service included in the escort fee.

A necessary prelude to increase the desires and longings of both. The Escort under the stream of warm or hot water, depending on the client’s preference, will lather you and massage your body, and you may also receive a delicious gift in your intimate area that will serve to ignite you even more. 

An erotic shower is an ideal way to create intimacy and closeness with your escort, so that you break the ice from the beginning and you can more fully enjoy your encounter.

Try this service, and we will assure you that you will love the feeling of being in such an exciting situation with the luxury escort of your choice.

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