If you are one of the habitual visitors of Ruta 69 escorts in Barcelona, almost certainly you have tasted the delights of receiving an erotic massage from our expert company girls.

If you have not visited us yet, we invite you to live that unforgettable experience as soon as possible. Our high standing escorts specialize in tantric erotic massages and, therefore, they know very well how to make you feel in paradise with their hands and their bodies.

And although they are rarely willing to reveal their secrets, today we have managed to get two of them to tell us some of the most exciting tricks.

Do you accompany us to know them? Keep reading!

The escorts tell how they do erotic massage

“There are as many types of massages as there are masseurs in the world and, as you can imagine, not all are equally exciting: neither massages nor masseurs,” the girls tell us.

Most people have a misconception in their conception about what an erotic massage is. They often confuse it with the so-called “massage with a happy ending” or think that it is an excuse to hide the sexual act discreetly.

The truth is that a true erotic massage is one that includes tantric techniques. These are techniques that help those who receive it, to find themselves, their own sexuality and also, allow them to increase their sexual appetite.

Among the most exciting massages we find: tantric erotic, body-to-body massage and those performed two and four hands.

And why not having sex during erotic massage?

“The answer is very simple,” the escorts respond. “It is forbidden to have sex during the erotic tantric massage because what we want to obtain as a final result is not orgasm. What we want is to get as much excitement as possible during the duration of the massage. This is the main ingredient for regaining sexual appetite. ”

Such is the case that erotic massage should become a perfect companion to increase desire, increase excitement and above all, to improve sexual life in all senses.

Together with tantra, erotic massage awakens passion and unites us to a religious experience that can rarely be achieved in any other way. Tantra gives us such a deep knowledge of ourselves and our body, that we can later transfer to all areas of our lives.

The keys to well-made erotic massage

Our luxury escorts reveal that the first step is to create an environment according to the meaning of the massage they will provide.

Tenuous light, sensual music that accompanies the caresses, aromatic candles that permeate the smell of their bodies while rubbing with yours, and above all, no clothes. Neither they nor you, since the most important thing is to enhance the sensations with the slow and soft touch of the absolutely naked bodies.

The girls confess and tell us that the most complicated thing is moving your hands properly. What they have to achieve is that the massage manages to connect with the massage to not only relax it but also eroticize it to the fullest.

The body-to-body massage

One of the most interactive, they perfectly fulfill this mission. The escorts tell us that it is the continuous practice that helps them to convert the erotic massage into a source of unlimited pleasure that allows them to reach a common union with the massage.

During the massage, each hand has to perform a different function. The movements should not be too monotonous since the erotic mission would be lost with excessive relaxation.

Tantric masseuses

They make small circular movements and put in them all the intention to excite. Palm of the fingers and buds take turns to achieve the desired objective. Also, the massage extends to the arm and forearm, unlike the nails, and is always done with all the care and softness that requires a state of maximum excitement.

Crotch caresses

They are some of the most anticipated and complement the rite of erotic tantric massage.

Finally, it is the body-to-body massage, the king of eroticism. “You must check with us!” They end up saying the escorts.

And you? Have you ever enjoyed an erotic massage that multiplies your excitement by a thousand? Have you been with a company girl in Barcelona or have you tried it in another city and another environment?

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