Requirements to become a luxury Escort

If you want to be a high-class escort you need to receive the proper orientation and training. Even if you are an open-minded woman, this profession can be highly demanding, both in the workplace and emotionally.

Therefore, before deciding whether or not you want to be a high-class escort, you should know the services that an escort offers. This will help you put things in perspective and make the right decision.

What exactly does a high-class escort do?

Both the escorts in Barcelona and the escorts in Madrid offer a wide range of services that go beyond a pleasant company.

Consequently, if you are willing to offer any of the services detailed below, then you can become a high-class escort.

That said, a companion can provide the following services:

  • Private parties: Whether renting a local, a villa or a luxury villa, in these private parties youwill work as an escort satisfying all the fantasies of the clients.
  • Duplex or real trio: It is a service that involves bisexual escorts. Clients may only witnessthe sexual encounter or be active participants.
  • Services for couples: As a high-class escort, you can also offer this service. Likewise,couples can only witness the sexual encounter or participate directly.
  • Bachelor parties: It is one of the most popular services of the escorts. Basically the escortmust perform the functions of a stripper and set the party.
  • Escort service. Being a high-class escort also means that you must accompany your clientsto meetings or special events. It can even be a romantic date.Additionally, the services of a high-class escort also include fetishism and BDSM, travel, personal shopper, erotic massages, as well as services for the disabled and exchange of couples.

You must have an attractive physique

In addition to having beautiful facial features, a high-class escort must also have an attractive physique. This means that you will need to stay in good shape, eat healthy and exercise regularly.

The best escorts in Barcelona and Madrid are those with well-defined and aesthetically perfect bodies. But you also have to complement all this with good manners, elegance and intellectual capacity to carry out all kinds of conversations.

Protection and security

Furthermore, if you want to be a high-class escort, safety and protection must be one of your priorities. Of course the idea is to prevent any type of disease, but also to take care of rare or abusive clients.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose a serious and quality escort agency. Where they not only offer you the best working conditions, but also offer you safety and protection.

How much money do you want to earn?

This is another aspect to consider for those who want to become a high-class escort. First of all, you should know that the income of an escort depends on several factors.

Although it is only an estimate, a luxury escort can earn between 5,000€ to 10,000€ per month. And depending on the services you offer, you can charge per client between 300€ to 500 €.

Of course you will have to invest out of pocket in your personal arrangement. Being physically beautiful is important, but so is being and looking spectacularly attractive.

You must be willing to go further

Obviously, when you work as an escort, sexual relations are a fundamental part of your services. You can certainly offer only a support service, but if you want to increase your income, you must be willing to go a little further.

Different men may have different needs or fetishes. Therefore, you must have an open mind in order to satisfy all those fantasies, so that all of them are pleased.

Of course, all this must be agreed in advance so as not to have unpleasant surprises.

Excellent attitude and disposition

Along with all of the above, if you want to be a high-class escort, you need an excellent attitude and disposition. Whether it is a business event, where you act as a companion, or a pleasure trip, always be willing to do your best.

A good attitude and disposition are essential to generate the best impression among your clients. Of course it is also the best way that more and more clients want to hire your services.