If you are thinking of throwing yourself into this journey that represents being a high-class escort, we advise you to read carefully these lines in which we intend to clear any doubts you may have, and help you to pave the way a little with this decalogue of a luxury escort.

Protocol rules for a luxury escort

A professional escort must have an education, be aware of the main rules of protocol, and have a good cultural level. Next we offer you a series of tips that will help you to make the meeting a success:

  •   The importance of languages. The more languages available, the more possibilities to interact with customers of different cultures and nationalities. They will increase the possibilities of making trips and going to business dinners.
  •   Know how to listen It is very important to know how to speak, but it is equal or more to know how to listen.
  •   Punctuality is also a great norm of protocol, but also of education. Do not make your client wait.
  •   Education is the principle of every personal relationship. Respects the other person’s ideas, ways of expressing themselves, and beliefs. Respect and you will be respected. Being respectful will make you infinitely more attractive.
  •   Courtesy. A loud voice, an inappropriate gesture, or not being friendly, will not favor the proper development of an appointment.
  •   Be elegant in your way of walking. An energetic and decisive step, long and at the same time sensual, light and fluid; It determines your identity a lot. This will dazzle your companion.
  •   Choose your wardrobe well. Your way of dressing will greatly influence your image, with it you will create your own identity. Knowing how to choose a look for each type of situation will give you cache.

    An escort must have a healthy body and image

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Said and done, to be a high class escort you have to take care of yourself. Here are some tips:

  •   Avoid drinking alcohol regularly and taking drugs
  •   Do sport assiduously. You will obtain a healthy body and a healthy mind.
  •   Take care of your personal and intimate hygiene
  •   Respect your sleep hours

    Beauty and elegance, an indispensable premise in an escort

    Beauty is possessed, elegance is acquired. Being smart will facilitate you and a lot of the good work of an appointment. Here are some tips:

  •   Get ready before an appointment. Think that the first impression you make says a lot about you. Starting a good evening with a foot is essential.
  •   Choose the underwear well. There’s nothing sexier than a good set of fine lingerie.
  •   Give the right perfume key, a safe bet. If you want to seduce the man you’re dating,use a sweet perfume with chocolate or cinnamon extracts.
  •  Subtle makeup, red lips. Indispensable, do not recharge makeup.

    An escort must have be kind and friendly

    Who said that in a service there should only be carnal contact ?. Not everything is sex. There are men who hire this type of escort services to enjoy a female company and have someone to chat with. Whether it’s a hotel room, a dinner, or a weekend getaway.

This is why it is important to have people skills, be fun and cheerful, give conversation, and be cultured. This will not only help you empathize with the other person and create a good climax; but time will fly by. He will be dazzled by you.

The self-confidence of a professional escort

A young lady of company must at all times feel sure of herself. That is why you should be able to communicate with any situation and understand the needs of your customers.

For this you have to have the right personality and necessary to discern between what are the relationships of a couple and what is a sporadic relationship giving a service Escorts Barcelona.

But this does not imply that you can not enjoy the person with whom you cite. Unique and unforgettable moments can also arise in a sneaky encounter. But always keep your feet on the ground, it does not stop being that … an encounter.

Be a liberal escort

Be very clear that sex has to like you. There is nothing worse than working on something you do not like, and in this case it is also applicable.

If you are a sexually active, liberal person; you have certain concerns to meet new people; you enjoy intimate company with other men or women, and you want to experiment … this is your job.

The advantage is that you can have meetings with other people to whom no link binds you; of which you will not feel tied, and to which you will not have to give explanations.

But it’s not just about sex, it’s about the game of seduction, desire, chemistry, empathy, and the pleasure of relating to someone on a blind date.

Exploit your talent, have a clear objective

You will not always be beautiful, young, and you will have a spectacular body. As in other employment niches, this is a job that has an expiration date. Be smart, it’s a job where you can earn a lot of money; but you must know how to administer it.

Often the mistake is made that the more you earn the more you spend. In this aspect you must be smart and plan in the medium and long term. Register and do not spend everything you earn.

For this reason it is vital that you mark a clear objective. Save and invest in your future. Do not make the mistake of bringing the same level of life to the people who are going to surround you. Plan your goals and keep in mind what your gifts and your talent are. Take

advantage of your income to invest in a home, or in a business that you want to dedicate to once you finish this activity.

The smart escort is the one that dedicates a season to work to be able to fulfill its goals