Discretion is fundamental

The discretion is an essential quality to take into account in the meetings you are going to have; both for you and your client.

Try to have another name or pseudonym. Do not give a lot of information about your private life. Remember that nowadays with new technologies any person is exposed. For this reason, be discreet and do not tell more than you should.

From the other point of view, you also have to be aware that towards the client you must maintain the same degree of confidentiality that you ask for yourself. Let it be the one who tells you the information he considers necessary to equip the encounter with the necessary chemistry so that you feel comfortable and in tune.

If your meeting is through an agency, let it act as a filter. Never make the mistake of giving your phone to the customer. From there, you would lose security and leave your comfort zone. Do not worry, if the client likes you and wants another appointment with you, he will call the agency again. This way, the agency will be aware of your meeting and ensure its success by minimizing risks.

An escort should always protect herself

It comes to the thread of the previous point. Knowing that your identity has to be preserved, another important point is the first impression. If you arrive at your appointment and see something strange or the person does not give you a good thorn; leave the appointment or call the agency immediately. Better safe than sorry, your intuition is primordial. Go to the service with all the senses awake. If you go out partying, or you are at a dinner during which you have drunk, or you feel indisposed; do not work that night.

Anyway, as we have said before, the escort agency acts as a filter and puts into practice a series of checks before sending you to an appointment with a stranger. In many other cases they are already regular and known customers of the agency.

Also, it is important to make sure you keep your body safe and protected. Therefore, be sure to take all necessary precautions to perform safe sex. In this aspect you have to be inflexible, even if the other person asks you otherwise. You decide what to do and how to do it.

Separate your personal life from your professional life as an escort

If one thing you must have clear is that you have to separate your private life from your profession of escort. Never use your particular phone number for work. Buy a mobile just to use it for work; this way you will avoid unnecessary annoyances and when you decide temporarily or definitively to leave the work, you will be able to disconnect yourself totally without any problem.

We also advise you to know what your work schedule is. So, outside of it you can disconnect and continue with your usual life. Mentally it will also help you and in this way you will avoid stress. Think that mental health is also very important.

On the other hand, you should know that in the work of a company girl you live immersed in a bubble. A world of unreal luxury in which you will submerge and you must know how to get out of it at all times so as not to fall into the trap of thinking that this is a real situation. That’s why we recommend that you disconnect and know how to separate very well what is a professional activity and what is your own private life.

In this last aspect that we have highlighted we also advise you (if you can afford it), work a series of days and rest others. In those breaks, try to escape from the maelstromof stimuli in which you are usually immersed in work. Always think first of yourself and then your goals.

Have you already decided to be a luxury escort?

If after reading these lines you have decided to continue with this adventure, tell yourself that the experience is obtained over time. Experiences are also learned, and confidence is acquired as you take steps.

Do not fall into temptations, use this great showcase that is the internet to inform you and train you as a person and professionalize your profession. Do not let them deceive you, share experiences and restlessness with other co-workers; support and let yourself be advise by girls who are in your same work environment will help you not to fall into errors that others made.

Finally, comment that from Ruta69escorts we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Ruta 69 escorts Barcelona is a young agency but with extensive experience in this sector. Our premise # 1 is always watch over the girls we work with. Without them, we would be nothing. If you want to work as an escort in Barcelona with us, you just have to contact us. We hope that our decalogue of a luxury escort has been helpful.