There are many myths about sexual acts, these can be varied and often incredible to believe but there are other myths that have gained their popularity due to the number of people who have shared them.

One of the biggest myths in sex is about men of color, you will surely know why, but in case you do not know what the myth of this type of men refers to, we will tell you.

Men of color are well known in the erotic world for having a very large penis both in length and width, this turns out to be true in most cases, as those who are not counted.

But, will there be a counterpart of them in female version? Many say that it is and this is totally true, the counterpart of these men would be the mulatto escorts and the black escorts.

Many men enjoy taking intense chocolate baths that leave a very good taste in the mouth, they get carried away quickly by the seduction of a sensual mulatto or black body, but is this true? Are they really the ebony goddesses? If they are and then we mention the reasons.

About black escorts and mulattoes

Following the myths in sex, surely when thinking of a black escort or mulatto more than one imagines a woman of good physique, slender, with long legs, a figure with curves and a very soft skin.

This vision is not far from reality, because black and mulatto women are characterized mainly by this.

This type of women has a high caliber and sexual desire, in fact, in the erotic aspect they are characterized by being totally passionate and delivered, in addition, they have a curved body where you see it, very hard you will find a woman of color with few curves, it is genetic.

Black and mulatto escorts have sculptural bodies that seem to be worked by the exercise and it is not so, the reality is that women with this type of skin already have good genetics in terms of the formation of their body, which allows them to have good dimensions, long legs and soft skin without much effort.

When we refer to mulatto or black women, the popular belief is to think of African women, but it does not necessarily have to be that way. When referring to these women, we also cover those that are native to Brazil, Cuba or some other place where they have Latin origins.

Characteristics of black and mulatto escorts

They are undoubtedly excellent lovers and possessors of seduction and sensuality, as well as a high level of eroticism and attraction, but within all this, there are other things that make them very attractive in the eyes of a man.

For example, these types of women are physically characterized by long legs and a thin figure, they have golden skin and a flat abdomen, they also have well-formed and good-sized buttocks as well as medium to large breasts.

All of the above is complemented by a thin face, they have fleshy and pink lips without the need to inject silicone, it is genetic, and they also have a long neck and soft skin.

Can you live a unique experience?

An erotic and sexual experience with a mulatto or black escort is totally unique, we could even say that they are the most intense women when it comes to sex and eroticism, they have a high level of sexual desire compared to other types of women.

The sensual movement of their hips and buttocks when it comes to sex, as well as the natural desire and enjoyment they have for it is unmatched, they are very intense women in sex.

So, mulatto and black escorts are the ebony goddesses, their body is a sexual bomb that they know how to exploit 100% in an unparalleled way and that having a sexual experience with one of them is a point and separate with the experiences that you have had so far.