Fundamental positions of the Kamasutra to practice with your escort 

The Kamasutra is a very popular book. Everyone talks about him, but very few people really know him. The full title is Vātsyāyana kāma sūtra. It is an ancient Hindu text, written by Vatsiaiana between 240 AD and 550 AD.

The Kamasutra talks basically about sexual behavior and love in Sanskrit literature.

Today we are going to tell you which are the best positions, according to this famous book and according to our experience, so that you can ask us and enjoy the services of your luxury escort.

Can you come with us?

Boat Pose in the Water

This is one of the most comfortable and simple positions. It consists of lying on your back while your escort sits sideways on your sex. In this way it will be she who moves while you remain still.

It is a very pleasant position for men and also makes it possible for women to get excited as much as they want. It allows a deep penetration at the speed that it determines. It is an ideal position to enjoy sex without limits.

Posture of the Norwegian Cross

This is another of the most comfortable positions that anyone can try. You will see that it will be completely innovative.

Your luxury escort lies on her back with one leg fully stretched and the other bent. You stand between her legs, sitting on her stretched leg and supporting you with your arms back. In addition, you must pass one of your legs under her thigh.

It is an ideal position for any type of penis, even for the smallest. It is very pleasant for the woman because it stimulates her clitoris against the man’s pubis during penetration. He can also stroke his own body and his at the same time.

Amazon Posture

This position is one of the greatest pleasure of the Kamasutra. It takes place with the man sitting on a chair and she on top of him, facing him. It is she who moves and controls the penetration. While the man can caress her breasts, gently and slowly.

You and your girl will be face to face so kisses can be lavished without limitations. You will enjoy practically doing nothing while she maintains control at all times.

We assure you that you will find an extremely exciting position for both.

Posture back home

This position consists of putting the escort on her back with a cushion under the bottom of it. This will allow you to perform wave movements with the pelvis. You stand on all fours while she surrounds you with her legs raised. It is a very exciting position, perfect for both big penises and small penises, but only suitable for escorts who are in full physical condition since it is necessary to stay for a while with your legs almost in the air, holding them crossed over your back.

As an additional feature is a position that is beneficial to the digestive system of it. It is also ideal for anal sex.

Padlock Posture

This posture is perfect for those who find pleasure having sex on a table. 

The position of the padlock consists of the man penetrating the woman while standing while holding her with his legs. 

It has the advantage that she can use her legs to control the force with which she is penetrated.  And so you can determine if you want more or less deep penetration or more or less fast.

Posture of the Lotus Flower

If you like the idea of ​​being the one who dominates your luxury escort, you will love this position. It is one of the best known of the Kamasutra, besides being one of the most sensual. It allows to go slowly, it is more, it is advisable to go slowly so as not to hurt the woman.

Your escort will lie on her back putting her legs in the lotus position and you stand between them to penetrate her. You can put a pillow under your hips to increase the pleasure by changing the angle of penetration.

She will keep her hands free and may caress you as well as caress herself to increase arousal during sex.

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